The Nameless Kingdom was a happy and beatuful place. Well, at least before the monsters. And the ghosts.

However, don't worry -our beloved king has come to save everybody! The problem is that the king is also a ghost. With only one hand, and one sword, you have to reach the end of the levels and battle the evil bosses.

Nameless Kingdom is a platformer/action game where your skill with the sword and is important. Enemies are strong, but you still have a chance.

This is the first game we do as a team. Also is the first game we do with the marvelous Godot Engine. Hope you like the game!

You can play in the browser (tested with Firefox 57) or download a Windows installer for the game.

Controls: use cursors to move and jump. Press A to attack. Sword can be controlled with up/down arrows.

Little disclaimer: unfortunately, we have discovered a number of relatively important bugs in this version of the game. We cannot change it for the moment, in order to respect Gameoff's jam rules. However, the development continues! Everything will be updated after the voting ends. We expect to have a fully-playable game then! Thank you for understanding.


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Nice game! Besides the bugs that have already been mentioned, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the pixel art/animation is great.

It is nice to know you enjoyed the game. We are close to release an improved version. Keep an eye on the GitHub project :D

Pretty nice game but there was quite a lot of bugs !

Invisible collisions, boss that doesn't start (it keeps playing a looped animation), hole where you can't get out, you can't exit the game when it's in fullscreen.

Yes, unfortunately you have reason. There is still a lot of work to be made in order to make it fully playable.

Thank you for pointing out the problems you found. We will work to fix them all!

Thank you for playing anyway!

Is the character supposed to auto-run? Or am I supposed to be able to control movement? I played it in the web browser, but auto-running seemed a bit out of place.

That was an export problem -I think that it is detecting your mouse and reacting to it as in a touch-screen. It is the first time I export to HMTL5, and I forgot that this is responsive also to mobile devices, so I have to turn off that controllers individually... Next release will fix this.

Thank you for your interest!

The graphics and music were nice but there were some problems.

Your hitbox is a bit vague with your ghostly form and some of the jumps were unforgiving.

I had several instances of enemies going through walls but there is a bigger problem

The controls aren't mentiones anywhere, I had to fumble about to find that A was the action key and I suspect most players wouldn't figure out that you can curve the motion of your sword with up and down.

Otherwise really good!


Thank you for your comments! We have realized that there were several bugs in the game. We are working on them and we expect to have something more polished soon. We will update this page after Jam voting ends.

The thing we could fix is to describe the controls in the page so other players can understand the game.

Thanks for your support!